1. What kind of company Max Vision is?

  Max Vision Ltd. is a company run by the professional people which is working into trading sector. Initially, it was a private limited company. It changes itself as public limited company and decided its course to be a truly public limited company in trading sector. Initially, it started its trading into motor vehicles spare parts and developed the customer's network all over Nepal.

2. What are the products it is dealing with?

Currently, it is importing following products as a sole distributor for Nepal and doing business all over Nepal.
  a) BS motor spring leaves – product of Mack Spring Industries, Mumbai, India
  b) Beejay springs leaves – product of Beejay Springs Ltd., Faridabad, India.
  c) UJ cross and component items – product of Racer India Ltd., Ludhiana, India.

3. What is future prospect of company?

  Max Vision Ltd. is aiming to expand its products intensively all over Nepal. Moreover, it is also planning to import gasoline and electrical two wheelers and four wheeler vehicles from India, China and abroad. Max Vision Ltd. has applied for Initial Public Offerings (IPO) with Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON) through its appointed Issue Manager NIC Asia Capital Ltd.

4. Who people can mutually tie-up with Max Vision Ltd.?

  We are seeking dealership for the spare parts segments all over Nepal to manage its growth. Firm and companies who are working into vehicle spare parts business can contact us for further details for taking dealership.